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International Food Research Journal

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International Food Research Journal


Discipline(s) / Subdiscipline(s):

     1. Sciences
         - Biological sciences
         - Chemistry

     2. Medical & Health Sciences
         - Nutrition

E-ISSN: 2231-7546
Print ISSN: 1985-4668
Publisher: Universiti Putra Malaysia
Publication type: Print & Electronic
Publication frequency: 6 time(s) per year
Journal Website: http://www.ifrj.upm.edu.my/index.html

Contact Info

International Food Research Journal
Faculty of Food Science and Technology
Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang

Phone: +603-89468361
Fax: +603-89423552
Email: ifrj@upm.edu.my

The International Food Research Journal (IFRJ), published four times a year, publishes papers in English reporting the results of original research in the following areas:

  • Food science, food technology and food biotechnology
  • Product development and sensory evaluation
  • Food habits, nutrition, food health and food safety
  • Food chemistry, food microbiology, analysis and testing
  • Food quality management
  • Food waste management
  • Post harvest food handling
  • Agrifood management, marketing, value chain and regulatory issues
  • Other related topics deemed relevant by the Editorial Board
Emphasis is given to the findings of research and development in the food and allied industries. Each issue of the journal would also contain review articles in these and related fields. Technical notes and short communications are also welcome. Technical notes describe applications, innovations or developments in hardware as well as in processes. Short communications differ from full papers on the basis of depth or completeness. They may report significant new data arising from problems with narrow, well-defined limits, or important findings that warrant rapid publication before broader studies are completed.



Professor Dr. Jinap Selamat (Food Safety Research Centre (FOSREC), Faculty of Food Science & Technol

Editorial Board

Associate Editors
  • Professor Dr.Son Radu
    Department of Food Science
    Faculty of Food Science and Technology
    Universiti Putra Malaysia
    43400 UPM, Serdang, Selangor, MALAYSIA

  • Professor Dr. Nazamid Saari
    Department of Food Science
    Faculty of Food Science and Technology
    Universiti Putra Malaysia
    43400 UPM, Serdang, Selangor, MALAYSIA

  • Professor Dr. Tan Chin Ping
    Department of Food Technology
    Faculty of Food Science and Technology
    Universiti Putra Malaysia
    43400 UPM, Serdang, Selangor MALAYSIA
Board Members
  1. Professor Dr. Abd. Karim Alias
    School of Industrial Technology
    Universiti Sains Malaysia
    11800 USM, Pulau Pinang MALAYSIA

  2. Professor Dr. Mohd Yazid Abdul Manap
    Faculty of Food Science and Technology
    Universiti Putra Malaysia
    43400 Serdang, Selangor MALAYSIA

  3. Professor Dr. Karamatollab Rezaei
    Faculty of Agricultural and Engineering Technology
    College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
    University of Tehran, Karaj IRAN

  4. Professor Dr. Olga Martin-Belloso
    Department of Food Technology
    University of Lleida Alcalde Rovira Roure
    191 Lleida 25198 SPAIN

  5. Professor Dr. Erwin Wasowicz
    Poznan University of Life Sciences
    Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition
    Institute of Food Technology of Plant Origin
    Research Unit of Food Concentrates
    Wojska Polskiego 31
    60-624 Poznan POLAND

  6. Professor DipI-Ing. Jochen Weiss
    Department of Food Science and Biotechnology
    University of Hohenheim
    Garbenstrafle 21
    70599 Stuttgart GERMANY

  7. Professor Dr. Gulum Sumnu
    Department of Food Engineering
    Middle East Technical University TURKEY

  8. Professor Dr. Stefan Kasapis
    School of Applied Sciences, RMIT University
    LaTrobe Street, Melbourne

  9. Dr. Hansi.P. Marvin
    Research Coordinator
    RIKILT, Postbus/ P.O. Box 230
    6700 AE Wageningen
    Gebouwnumber/ Building No. 123

  10. Dr. Didier Montet
    UMR 95 Qualisud TA B-95/16
    73, rue Jean-Francois Breton
    34398 Mont pellier cedex 5

  11. Associate Professor Dr. Siree Chaiseri
    Kasetsart University
    50 Ngamwongwan Road
    Ladyao, Chatuchak
    Bangkok 10900, THAILAND

  12. Dr. John Gillbert
    Foodlife International Ltd
    ODTU Teknokent Ikizler Binast
    Zemin Kat No: Ara-1 Cankaya
    06800 Ankara, TURKEY

  13. Dr. Anton Apriyantono
    Department of Food Science & Technology
    Faculty of Agricultural Technology
    Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
    Jl. Lingkar Akademik
    Kotak Pos 220 Kampus IPB Darmaga INDONESIA

  14. Dr Clare Narrod
    Joint Institute of Food Science and Nutrition (JIFSAN)
    University of Marryland
    5201 Paint Branch Parkway
    Suite 2134 (Patapsco Building)
    College Park, MD 20742




Original Articles Only

Research papers, Review articles, Notes and Short Communication are accepted on the understanding that they have not been and will not be published elsewhere without the Chief Editor’s permission.
When submitting notes and short communications, authors should make clear that their work is to be treated as such. Authors should suggest keywords and a short running title for their articles. Papers accepted become the copyright of the Journal.

Authors are requested to submit the names and full contact details (address, affiliation and e-mail) of three potential reviewers for the manuscript.

Manuscript Style

Research papers should be divided into the following sections: (a) An abstract embodying the main conclusion and giving the essential information. It should be intelligible without reference to the paper itself; (b) Introduction – should give the aim of the investigation and a brief statement of previous relevant work with references; (c) Materials and Methods – only new techniques need to be described in detail but known methods must have adequate reference; (d) Results – must be presented with tables and figures for clarity; (e) Discussion – Conclusions - usually interprets the results and the Conclusions should not merely repeat points made in the preceding sections; (g) Acknowledgement – should be kept to the absolute minimum; and (h) References. A short running title must also be provided.

Tables, Graphs, Figures and Photographs

Tables, graphs and figures should be displayed on separate pages in the manuscript after the reference section. Tables and figures should be captioned. Scanned or digital photographs should be in high resolution, minimum 300 dpi in the PC format. For colour reproduction in print, you will receive information regarding the costs from the Editor-in-Chief after receipt of your accepted article. Keep the numbers of Figures and Tables used in the article to the minimum (maximum allowed is a total of 5 Figures and Tables altogether).


Footnotes should be kept to a minimum; in most cases, it will be possible to incorporate the information in the text. If footnotes are used, they should be numbered in the text, indicated by superscript numbers and kept as brief as possible.


References should be cited in the text by the author. All references in the text must be listed at the end of the paper, with the names of authors arranged alphabetically, and titles of papers given. No underlining, italics or bold face should be used. References in incorrect format will be returned for correction.

Examples of reference styles are given below:

Collins, S. J., Bester, B. H. and McGill, A. E. J. 1993. Influence of psychrotrophic bacterial growth in raw milk on the sensory acceptance of UHT skim milk. Journal of Food Protection 56 (5): 418-425.

Connel, J. J. 1990. Control of fish quality. 2nd edn. London: Fishing News Books.

Chapter in Book
Hart, R. J. 1998. Food Science and the transport of food. In Heap, R., Kierstan, M. and Ford, G. (Eds). Food Transportation, p. 1-21. London: Thomson Science.

Jinap, S. and Yusof, S. 1994. Development of juice from cocoa pulp. In Jinap, S., Bong, C. L., Tan, K. L. and Wan Rahimah, W. I. (Eds). Proceedings of the Malaysian International Conference, p. 351. Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Cocoa Board.

Internet: Food and Drug Administration 2000. Bad bug book – Aflatoxins. Downloaded from http:vm.cfsan.fda.gov/¬mow/chap41.html on 3/3/2000.

Lontoc, A. V. 1981. Existing food analytical methods and problems in the Philippines. Report of the ASEAN Workshop on Analytical Techniques. Singapore: ASEAN Subcommittee on Protein.

Yusep, I. 1997. The effect of fermentation and soaking times on pyrazines and acidity concentration of Thai Forastero cocoa beans. Bangkok, Thailand: Kasertsart University, MSc thesis.

Submissions by email are preferred. However, submissions of hard copies by surface, airmail, express mail or courier are also acceptable. If submitting hard copies, two manuscripts printed on one side of white A4 paper should be sent.

Manuscripts should be double-spaced, typed using 12 point Arial or equivalent typeface with a margin of 4 cm on all four sides.

Refer to the latest issue of International Food Research Journal for the format of manuscript preparation.

The corresponding author will be provided with PDF copy of the manuscript.

Manuscripts and other communication must be directed to the secretariat of the Journal at the following address:

Professor Dr. Son Radu
International Food Research Journal
Faculty of Food Science and Technology
Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang
Phone: +603-89468361
Fax: +603- 89423552
Email: ifrj@upm.edu.my

International Food Research Journal carries no page charge.
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