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1 Evaluation of transformed layer hardness of DLC coating after friction test
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 20/1/2017 17:02:32
2 Extraction and characterization of chitosan from shrimp shell waste in Sabah
Transactions on Science and Technology
Created: 20/1/2017 16:37:25
3 A novel microwave sensor with high-Q symmetrical split ring resonator for material properties measurement
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 20/1/2017 16:31:07
4 Investigation on the degradation behavior of creepage discharge on pressboard immersed in palm fatty acid ester (PFAE) oil
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 20/1/2017 16:23:20
5 Petroleum hydrocarbon in mud clam (Polymesoda erosa) and its ambient medium in the Coastal Area of Putatan and Tuaran, Sabah
Transactions on Science and Technology
Created: 20/1/2017 16:07:32
6 Design and analysis of super twisting sliding mode control for machine tools
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 20/1/2017 16:03:48
7 The effect of soil particle size on the soil organic matter and the abundance of sand bubbler crab Scopimera globosa at Tanjung Aru Beach, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Transactions on Science and Technology
Created: 20/1/2017 16:01:28
8 Firing behaviour of ceramic whiteware bodies incorporated with local feldspathic sources
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 20/1/2017 15:59:52
9 Iris recognition based on the modified chan-vese active contour
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 20/1/2017 15:53:38
10 Quantitative analysis of quercetin in various parts of Phaleria macrocarpa(scheff.) boerl extracts
Transactions on Science and Technology
Created: 19/1/2017 16:43:14

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